Apr 16, 2012

Bangla Fonts In UC Browser & QQ Browser (Exclusive Tricks :D)

There's a common problem in Nokia, UC & QQ Browser browser that u can't read bangla font in UC & QQ Browser :( Don't loose your hope. Here is the solution for that. But the fonts will not be fresh as Opera Mini. If you like the Screen Shots then you can download it. But I can Guaranty u that u can read it but u have to read it out slowly. I strongly believe that "Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE" :D

Here is the Tricks........

1. You can connect your mobile through PC (Mass Storage) or Using X-plore from mobile.

2. If you don't have X-plore then download from Here . Install it in your mobile

3. Go to E:/Resources/Fonts

3. If there is no Fonts folder then create it Named "Fonts"

4. Now download this fonts from Here

5. Extract .Zip file by Zip Manager or PC. Download Zip Manage for S60 from Here . Install it in your mobile Memory Card

6. There will be 4 fonts inside.

7. Now copy these 4 fonts to E:/Resources/Fonts

8. Restart your mobile & Enjoy!

9. If You like it then share it :)

                         Here's Some ScreenShot of Bangla fonts in UC Browser


  1. is it possible in java supported phones??

  2. i can't create new folder in my resource folder which is data cable connected.. :(..what can i do??